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Daryn Colledge Surges On ESPN Twindex

Paul Kuharsky is keeping track of the NFL Twindex so we don't have to read every player's tweets. Green Bay Packers TE Tom Crabtree came in No. 1 last time, but bowed to the Twitter awesomeness of Browns WR Carlton Mitchell. Crabtree was still a strong second with his deep thoughts on moldy yogurt and how Google lists him next to Tom Cruise in their search suggestions.

But I was really surprised to see LG Daryn Colledge move up to No. 6 because he's relatively new to Twitter. He's surged recently with a lot more tweets as the lockout continues to drag on and bore him. Which led to the deeply reflective tweet that got him mentioned on the list.

The list isn't meant to demand quantity, Nick Barnett fell off the list as his recent tweets haven't made the cut. But as far as quantity of tweets, and number of followers, he's still near the top.