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The Rookies: Sherrod and Williams Are Early Standouts

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ESPN's Kevin Seifert was in Green Bay to watch the Packers practice, and a couple of players stood out according to an article he posted on Sunday:

TE D.J. Williams. Seifert took note of an excellent one-handed catch Williams made. The absence of TE Andrew Quarless (hamstring) and TE Jermichael Finley (held out as precaution) is certainly giving WIlliams a chance to make an impression.

LG Derek Sherrod. While NT B.J. Raji beat him on an inside move, Seifert said that Sherrod "doesn't look out of place" at a position he's never played in his life. The Packers first told him he was playing left guard when he reported for training camp late last week. If he can look competent after only a couple practices, imagine what he'll look like in a couple months.