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Non-Packer Related News: Randy Moss Retires

Despite some of the headlines I've read, I'm not surprised that WR Randy Moss has decided to retire. From Adam Schefter's Twitter:

Future Hall-of-Fame wide receiver Randy Moss has decided to retire rather than continue playing, agent Joel Segal said.

After he was released by two teams in 2010, and then did nothing as he caught only 6 passes during his final 8 games with the Titans, he was going to have to take a low-money, big-incentive offer in 2011 to show that he still had something left at age 34. 

But I couldn't imagine Moss would want to work hard while earning minimum wage without a guaranteed starting job. I'm not sure there is a bridge he hasn't burned in the NFL, so I would have been surprised to see some team treating him like he's still an All-Pro wide receiver. There's a lot of pride among players, so If Olin Kreutz would walk away from $4 million on principal, I'm not surprised if Moss felt disrespected by the low-ball offers he was receiving.