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Looking At The Packers Depth At Tight End

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The Green Bay Packers have six TEs who have a legitimate shot at winning a roster spot out of training camp. Jermichael Finley is a lock as the starter, but the other five players are in the mix for the two or three remaining spots. Mike McCarthy has been happy with his players, according to JS Online:

"It's the body type you can't have enough of," McCarthy said. "We have six tight ends in camp who all have unique qualities. They all can play in all three positions...Extended, on the line, in the backfield and also in movement. It's the best tight end group we've had here talent-wise and it's the most diverse group."

The Packers kept four tight ends at times last season, but they'll keep no more than two FBs (unless undrafted rookie Jon Hoese has an amazing camp) after carrying three for most of 2010. Since McCarthy said he'll use his TEs in the backfield, he might decide to keep up to five and use that open FB roster spot for another tight end.

Despite some questions about Andrew Quarless, I expect he'll earn a roster spot. I'd be shocked if they released Tom Crabtree because they value him on special teams. Rookie 5th round pick D.J. Williams has reportedly shown good receiving hands in practice, and he sounds like a keeper so far. Spencer Havner was released last September, so he's probably got an uphill battle to prove the coaches were wrong about him last year. They might try to stash rookie 7th round pick Ryan Taylor on the practice squad instead. 

My guess is that they'll keep Quarless, Crabtree, and Williams, release Havner, and stash Taylor on the practice squad. Four active roster tight ends, and one on the practice squad. What do you think?