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Looking At The Depth At Linebacker

I've written a little bit about the Green Bay Packers depth at inside linebacker and noted that they're isn't much NFL experience behind starters A.J. Hawk and Desmond Bishop. GM Ted Thompson told Mike Vandermause that "he isn't concerned" about it. 

There are currently 15 linebackers listed on their roster. They'll probably keep 8 to 10 active, and at least one more on the practice squad. The starters are familiar to everyone here, with Frank Zombo and Erik Walden likely battling for the open outside linebacker spot, but other linebackers are a collection of late round draft choices and undrafted free agents. I'd be shocked if Brad Jones didn't keep his roster spot, but otherwise there are no obvious keepers among the other nine linebackers. 

Based on the Packers recent history of quality scouting for unknown talent, it's certain that one or two of these backups are likely to surprise us. The best ones will certainly get some playing time this preseason since Clay Matthews is known for missing preseason games anyway, and Hawk and Bishop shouldn't need too much time to get ready for the regular season.

A couple names to watch are undrafted rookie Vic So'oto who's "having a great camp" and 6th round rookie Ricky Elmore who's shown off some of his passing rushing skills in practice. I'm not picking either player in particular, but it won't be surprising if one of these linebackers have a breakout preseason.