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On Chastin West, James Jones, Free Agents, and Stress Fractures

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In One Day Chastin West’s Value Multiplies | Cheesehead TV. It seems like West's bandwagon got rolling yesterday. Just to throw some cold water on it, he was awful last preseason. He showed bad hands and little speed. Of course, a lot can change as a player develops, so we shall have to wait and see.

James Jones vs. Randy Moss: Same Story, Different Ending | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. I'm still not a big fan of his re-signing. Over $3 million annually for arguably their 5th best receiver doesn't make a lot of sense.

08/10/11 Let's make a deal? Or maybe it does make sense if they don't expect to keep Jordy Nelson after this season. Of the other free agents Jason Wilde mentioned, I expect they'll try to re-sign Jermichael Finley but both sides are probably waiting for the 2011 season to see how big the contract should be. And finally, Josh Sitton will be very expensive, but I can't imagine they'll let him leave in free agency under any circumstances.

Packers getting ready for Cleveland - JSOnline. And another reason to wait before re-signing Finley: he's hurt again. A glute contusion sounds bad, but doesn't appear to be serious. Thursday's practice will be used to see who can play against the Browns on Saturday, and they'll probably ready whatever offense they want to try out. During the preseason, it seems like Dom Capers just calls a scheme at the start of a drive, and leaves the players in it for the entire series. | Blog. Vic Ketchman has a little more background on why Clay Matthews didn't have to report his shin injury as a stress fracture last season.