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On Travels, Raji, Morning Practices, and Don Chandler

BBAO: Packers to see three airports Friday - NFC North Blog - ESPN. It's a big travel day for the Green Bay Packers as they fly to D.C. to meet the President, and then turn around to fly back to Cleveland for their Saturday night preseason game against the Browns. And that game will be live on NFL Network for those of you with that cable channel.

Point of Veau: Pairing Matthews & Neal On Same Side Could Be Weakness Vs. Run | Cheesehead TV. This post focuses on the running game, while my post from last Tuesday looked more at how it would change the pass rush. I'm not convinced NT B.J. Raji is that great against the run, the best part of his game is as an inside pass rusher, and I'm not as concerned about the move hurting their run defense. Though the run defense could stand some improvement after a mediocre 2010 season in that regard.

Green Bay Packers news | Green Bay Packers adopt more 'player-friendly' practice schedule for rest of training camp | Green Bay Press Gazette. They had planned mostly night practices throughout training camp, but they've changed their minds and now most of their practices will start at 11:15 a.m. Having practices at 7:15 p.m. every night did seem to make the day go much longer, but Mike McCarthy gave a few reasons for the change at his press conference.

PACKERVILLE, U.S.A.: Don Chandler Passes Away. I was only vaguely familiar with their former kicker, but he had some great moments as a Packer during the 1960s.