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Live Feed Of The Packers Visit To The White House

Courtesy of the Washington Post, if you are so interested, is a live feed of the Green Bay Packers visit to the White House. According to White, they will meet on the South Portico, which has also been called the President's Back Door.

Unfortunately, because the trip's timing couldn't happen until after the lockout ended, former players such as Daryn Colledge and Cullen Jenkins won't make the trip, but Mike McCarthy said that all the new rookies and undrafted free agents will attend. Obviously that doesn't make sense, and it's not the team's first choice, but they are squeezing this trip into their schedule, and it's the best they could do.

UPDATE: I've removed the original link to the Washington Post live feed, and replaced it with this 10 minute video from White I've also added the above photo from the event. This is really a great victory lap moment for the team and players. It's not something that happens every year, and I hope it's memorable for them.