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Preseason Injury Report: Packers at Browns

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The most important thing in preseason is for the players to get some good reps, make sure their fundamentals are sound, and get used to running at full speed again with hitting. The second most important thing is not to get hurt.

Mike McCarthy did report a couple injuries after the game, but none of them appear serious. From JS

"There were three injuries to report. Andrew Quarless had a groin injury, James Starks had an ankle injury and Tom Crabtree had an ankle injury."

Also, the return of TE Jermichael Finley was delayed another week as he was held out as a precaution.

On a side note, with two new tight ends selected in last April's draft, there have been a couple stories about Quarless's job security. But he lined up as the starter in Finley's absence, and he caught both passes attempted to him, so he seems to have a roster spot locked up.