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Packers Preseason Game #1 Review: Randall Cobb

Green Bay Packers WR Randall Cobb has gotten off to a good start with the press and teammates. One of the announcers said that Charles Woodson told him that Cobb plays like veteran. And he's been frequently mentioned as standing out at practice as a dynamic receiver and returner. In his first preseason game, he was their leading receiver with 3 catches for 60 yards. 

The most important aspect of his game was that he made no mental mistakes. He didn't drop any passes (unlike rookies Diondre Borel and Tori Gurley, who each had one bad drop that could have been a huge play) and he didn't commit any penalties (unlike Shaky Smithson, who had a false start and an offensive pass interference). One catch was worthy of the highlight reel: a diving reception in the middle of the field for a first down. He had a couple opportunities to show off his speed.

While I saw his potential as a returner, he did a good job of breaking through the initial arm tackle for extra yards, he still has to work with their poor special teams blocking. He also looked a little sloppy with his route running: he dragged his route instead of making a crisp cut on one play which gave the defender a chance to get in front of him on a pass. But he's been generally praised for his route running in camp, so that might just be one bad example.

After the backups entered the game, Cobb was the primary receiver among that group of players. I'm not ready to call him the next Greg Jennings, but he's looked really good so far.

On a side note, I mentioned a bad drop by undrafted free agent Diondre Borel, but he impressed me overall. After that drop, Matt Flynn went right back to Borel on the next play, and he made a difficult reception along the sideline. On a punt return, he was able to escape the gunners and run down the sideline for a 20+ yard punt return. A very impressive first preseason game for a college QB who's trying to make it in the NFL as a wide receiver. The Packers don't have room for him on the active roster, but he could be a great find for the practice squad.