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On Burnett and Gordy, Pat Lee, and Graham Harrell

For today's Green Bay Packers links, the focus is still on their preseason opener, but also includes a link that looks back on the depressing teams from the late 1970s. 

"Chips Report" From Packers Preseason Loss Vs. Browns | Cheesehead TV. Brian Carriveau gave top marks to SS Morgan Burnett (who came up to make some big tackles) and CB Josh Gordy (1 sack and 1 INT).

Browns 27 Packers 17 - First Impressions of Preseason Game 1 | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. Al gave CB Pat Lee a comparison to former 1st round bust Ahmad Carroll for the way Lee didn't look back at all as WR Josh Cribbs was adjusting to a slightly underthrown TD pass from Colt McCoy.

WR and TE are going to be brutal cuts " packergeeks. I understand his point, but there are still a couple more preseason games to evaluate.

08/14/11 Backup plan: Flynn, Harrell impress. I have a hard time saying Graham Harrell impressed after fumbling all three times he was sacked. First was the problem in taking the sacks. While his blockers need to help, he also has to realize that he has to get the ball out fast. Second was the severe lack of basic ball security. I did like that Harrell was constantly looking downfield, instead of looking for the quick dump-off. But that was a bad game for him overall.

PACKERVILLE, U.S.A.: Lookin’ Back at 1976. I didn't sit through a lot of the late-1970s, but it was a rough time for the Packers. In the first five seasons under head coach Bart Starr, the Packers managed 26 wins in total. Mr. Lambeau posted the 1976 Sports Illustrated preview article for them, and the entire thing focused on the Starr's commitment to consistency and building the team his way. It's a bit depressing, with no obvious plan for success, but instead he stuck with a strategy that hadn't been working. Starr is an NFL legend, but he was over-matched as a head coach back in the late 1970s.