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The Packers Fantasy Football Potential And Team Concerns

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Yahoo!'s Jason Cole is on the training camp trail, and he's made his way up to Green Bay. From Yahoo!:

If there is a major concern about the Packers, it is that their run defense can be shoddy at times, and losing veteran lineman Cullen Jenkins in free agency doesn’t help much. The Packers allowed an average of 4.7 yards per carry and 114.9 yards per game (ranked 18th last season).

He initially discusses the Packers fantasy football potential before moving onto the team's positional concerns. And he finishes it up with a discussion about chili. 

The state of their run defense isn't a major concern to me. While their awful run defense was a big problem in 2008, they did just fine with a mediocre run defense in 2010. In a pass heavy NFL, with many teams likely to find themselves in a shoot-out against Aaron Rodgers, it isn't as important that they're stout against the run. But with fewer injuries on the line, and the addition of DT Howard Green to provide some needed bulk inside, I expect they'll show some improvement next season.