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The Packers Other Injury On Tuesday: Chris Campbell Has Knee Surgery

While it's not making the kind of Twitter news that was made from Green Bay Packers DE Mike Neal's knee scare, backup OT Chris Campbell had knee surgery. From the Press-Gazette:

Campbell has been sidelined since the Packers’ Family Night scrimmage Aug. 6. He’d spent last season on the Packers’ practice squad and was one of the team’s most improved players the first week of training camp.

If you're wondering "who is Chris Campbell" well he's a little used offensive tackle who was awful last preseason, but somehow stuck on the practice squad all last season. However he is 6-5, 327 lbs., and you can't coach a player to become that big. So it's understandable they've spent a year trying to develop him.

I had been wondering why he hadn't gotten any playing time in their last preseason game, and now at least my curiosity is satisfied. The bad news is that this injury happened while he's battling for an NFL career. The good news for him is that none of his likely competitors for the backup tackle position got off to a good start against the Browns