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CBS Sports Preview On The Green Bay Packers

It's preseason preview time for all the major media outlets, and the Green Bay Packers have a long preview article on CBS written by Clark Judge. Here's a brief excerpt: 

People ask if the Packers are more than just a club that got hot at the right time last season, and I tell them to watch this summer's practices. Green Bay is locked and loaded ... or re-loaded. Everywhere you look there is talent and depth, with some of last year's emergency starters -- like running back James Starks -- experienced backups.

These articles are interesting because it's written by someone who isn't covering the Packers daily, and it can give a different perspective. 

And they get some good quotes. Of course LB Clay Matthews is impressed with the offseason moves made by the Philadelphia Eagles because they were wise enough to draft, and apparently set to start, his younger brother Casey Matthews as their inside linebacker.