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Fantasy Football 2011: Vote For The Packers 2nd Best Wide Receiver

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One of my first thoughts after the Green Bay Packers re-signed WR James Jones to a three-year contract: how does that effect his 2011 fantasy football value?

With WR Greg Jennings firmly established as their best receiver (Yahoo! has him ranked as the 8th best WR, 29th best fantasy player overall), who do you expect to be their 2nd best fantasy wide receiver next season? I've included rankings from Yahoo! based on their default league settings.

WR Donald Driver. He was a solid second or third receiver in 2009, but injuries took away a lot of his playing time in 2010. Yahoo! projects his at No. 187 overall, which should leave him undrafted. Unless you expect he'll be back for 16 regular games and over 100 targets in 2011.

WR James Jones. He was second on the team last season with 87 targets, according to Football Outsiders, which was just slightly ahead of Driver in both targets and production. Yahoo! only gives him a projected ranking of 165th overall, which should leave him undrafted too.

WR Jordy Nelson. After only being targeted 64 times during the regular season, he was thrown to 15 times during the Super Bowl. Is that the first step towards a breakout, or just a one game fluke? Yahoo! gave him a projected rank of 92nd overall, which would make him a backup, third wide receiver/flex option.

WR Randall Cobb. He's looking like a 5th wide receiver with little 2011 fantasy value. Rookie wide receivers tend to have a steep learning curve, so he might not contribute until 2012.

The big question is whether any one of these four wide receiver will break out to become a true No. 2, and give the Packers a second legitimate 2011 fantasy football wide receiver. Or, as he did last season, will Aaron Rodgers continue to spread the ball around to all his receivers?

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