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Randall Cobb Is Off To A Good Start

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I'm not going to read too much into training camp practices, but I'm very interested in watching the first preseason games to see what the Green Bay Packers have in WR Randall Cobb. From JS Online:

Cobb outstretched his body for multiple catches across the middle of the field, including one high zinger from Rodgers. For now, the punt-return job is his to lose but his role on the offense is still unknown. Right now, he's the fifth wideout behind Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones and Jordy Nelson.  A good problem for the Packers to have.

Arguably he'd be a solid draft pick even if he's just a great punt returner, but I'm glad to see that his receiving skills are obviously good.

Just a reminder to anyone reading now that might not have been following Cobb back when the Packers drafted him: he's not a reach. NFL Draft Scout rated him as the No. 49 prospect overall, and he was projected to be gone several spots before the Packers turn in the 2nd round. He was a high school star, a college star, and he's been a big time talent everywhere he's played.