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After Two Preseason Games, Should Derek Sherrod Start or T.J. Lang?

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The battle for the starting left guard spot for the Green Bay Packers has certainly favored LG T.J. Lang, who I've liked more as a guard than at tackle in the past, but I'm not ready to go this far. From the Press-Gazette:

The competition at left guard is over. T.J. Lang has to be the starter. He played well Friday night.

Tom Silverstein was thinking the same thing about the competition and wrote "it's hard to imagine Mike McCarthy putting his faith in Sherrod after that performance." I'm certainly feeling alone in my assessment that Sherrod still has a chance.

Lang has left the door open by not looking adept at handling stunts from the defensive line. While Derek Sherrod had no experience at guard before the start of training camp, Lang doesn't have a lot of experience there either because the Packers had primarily played him at tackle in his first two seasons. Both of them are gaining a lot of valuable experience this preseason.

Eric Baranczyk wrote about Sherrod needing to keep his "butt lower and his hands higher." During the game, commentator Rich Gannon said Sherrod needed to keep his pad level low.

It looks like he's thinking too much, trying to take in the entire play after the snap, and not attacking the player he needs to get his hands on. I just want to see him go after someone, and stop waiting until the defender has ran almost all the way around him.