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Well, That Competition Is Over: T.J. Lang To Start

Since I wrote this post early Monday morning, Mike McCarthy told reporters on Monday afternoon that T.J. Lang has earned the right to be the starter at left guard. I've liked Lang better as a guard than tackle in the past, and last year, McCarthy called Lang a "natural left guard".

It's the right decision based on the first two preseason games, but I thought Derek Sherrod might get one more chance against the Colts. But McCarthy said he wanted to "get a cohesive unit ready" which is probably a comment focused on giving Lang as much time this preseason as he can get playing alongside LT Chad Clifton and C Scott Wells. It certainly helps him adjust that he has two experience veterans he can rely on next to him.

McCarthy also referred to the experience as left guard will help Sherrod become a better left tackle. Maybe they'll leave him at left tackle for the remainder of training camp, which could give C Nick McDonald an opportunity to backup at left guard. Sherrod missed practice on Monday due to a minor injury, he should be back soon, and while "McCarthy suggested Sherrod will continue to work as a backup at left guard" it'll be interesting to see where he lines up over the last two preseason games.