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Ryan Grant Isn't Quite As High Priced As He Used To Be

As a follow up to my earlier post on Ryan Grant, via Pro Football Talk, is a report that he took a pay cut earlier this month. From The Sideline View:

Grant, who was to earn $3.5 million in base salary for 2011, had his base salary cut to $2.5 million earlier this month, a source confirmed.

I wonder if Grant was the only one who took a pay cut recently. A recent story said that the Packers had over $11 million in salary cap room, which surprised me because I had expected they would only be under by a few million.

Unfortunately this pay cut doesn't guaranteed him a spot on the roster either. While I thought his return after the lockout made it clear the Packers intended to keep him as their starter, back in May, I did target him as one of six injured players who may not return next season. Of those players I listed, Grant is the only one that remains.

As I wrote before, I expect him to return as the starter, but I could see why they might decide to release him.