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Cheesestradamus Week -2: Packers @ Colts

As we wind on through the preseason, we find that one man has taken a commanding lead in the preseason standings, by earning at least a share of the top spot each week. That man is robert st, who was in a three-way tie for the lead after one week, and won Week -3's contest outright. Who can knock him off his perch this week? Maybe it can be YOU!

In any case, we're starting to get close to the regular season, so any suggestions for improvements or changes should be made as soon as possible. Again, I'm happy to listen to any ideas you may have.

As usual, enter your predictions on the form below before kickoff on Friday evening. A rules refresher can be found after the jump.

Click here to enter your predictions for Week -2: Packers @ Colts

Click here to view all the predictions for Week -2

Click here to view the standings for the preseason

Rules in italics were updated at 4:30 PM Eastern

Enter your user name exactly as it is on Acme Packing Company. Please refrain from using any profane words in your user name. Please also type in your user name exactly the same each week, as this will help with record keeping throughout the season.

For the score predictions, you will earn a full three points if you guess a team's score exactly correctly. If you are off by one, you'll earn 2 points, and if you're off by two, you'll get a single point.

Each other question is worth three points and must be guessed exactly correctly for full points, unless otherwise indicated. When guessing who will score the Packers' first touchdown, double points will be awarded if a defensive player is selected and that guess is correct. If it's a player-based question and two players tie for the criteria, points will be awarded to anyone who guessed either player correctly.

For bonus predictions, a qualifying guess will occur in less than 1/3 of games. I will make the final judgment on all guesses based on statistical precedents from past games, and those games will depend on the type of prediction. For example, certain guesses (8 or more players will catch a pass) will be more likely to happen during preseason games, so I will only examine preseason games. Player-specific predictions will be analyzed based on a player's career, and so on and so forth. A good rule of thumb is that if you're not sure if a guess will qualify, be more specific or guess something that happens less frequently. And remember, all bonus predictions must be both quantifiable and verifiable. In other words, I have to be able to look it up after the fact and confirm whether your prediction came true from the box score, play-by-play, or other source of information. And I will always use the official statistics from for all stats-based questions.

As always, good luck and have fun!