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Packers Offering More Stadium Seating And More Stock

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The Green Bay Packers have been discussing ideas for additional seating at Lambeau Field for years, and they asked for input from season ticket holders back in May, but the plans have been made official. From

For 2012, new video boards will be installed and a new tower will be constructed in the north end zone that will include a new entrance gate and outdoor rooftop viewing platform. The rooftop platform also will be available for special events on non-game days.

Once the new video board is in place in the south end zone next year, the framework for the entire expansion will be in place, with the project being completed in 2013. The 6,600 new seats, all outdoors, will be tiered vertically in four levels above the stadium bowl and will rise as high as the current banks of lights in that end zone.

You can follow the link for a picture of the design. Of course, 6,600 new seats doesn't bring any of us closer to owning season tickets unless our names were put on the waiting list back in the 1960s. But it doesn't hurt to add 6,600 more tickets to the overall pool available.

But what really got my attention was something you may have a chance to purchase. Shares of Packers stock. From

The organization is also considering a stock sale and will seek NFL approval to offer one. Additional funding options from the league will also be explored, but stadium improvement programs that may become available to teams through the new CBA have not yet been formalized.

If you missed out the last time they did this in 1990s, then here's your chance. The renovation is going to cost $130 million without asking Brown County for additional sales taxes. If they're going to ask for approval from the NFL, then it sounds like they're going to go through with it.

And why not? It's free money for the team just for going through all the one-time hoops of issuing some more stock.