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What The Colts Will Be Watching For Against The Packers

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Neither of their starting quarterbacks are scheduled to play for the Colts, so for as much drama as the signing of Kerry Collins has generated, it won't be appearing on the field Friday night. 

Over at Stampede Blue is a run down of a few points a Colts fan will be watching for tonight instead. I expect he'll get his wish for a better running game as the Packers are a little undermanned without C.J. Wilson or Mike Neal on the defensive line, and stopping the run is not a priority for their defense. Unfortunately for the Packers, they have some backup roles to determine in the secondary (Brandian Ross, Pat Lee, Josh Gordy, Davon House) and the Colts might not provide the best test for those players.

He's also watching to see if the Colts can put pressure on Aaron Rodgers. That's something I'm watching too since this is the first game with LG T.J. Lang as the acknowledged starter. Let's see if he plays better than he did so far this preseason. 

He's also interested to watch the Colts can improve their tackling and red zone play. So if you see the Packers breaking tackles or converting in the red zone, it might be a problem with the Colts players and not the sign of a great play by the Packers.