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Cullen Jenkins Has Done A "Great Job"

Of all the free agent losses this offseason, the player I wish the Green Bay Packers had kept was DE Cullen Jenkins.

Maybe DE Mike Neal can replace him on the field, if he can stay healthy. While I was resigned to the fact that Jenkins was leaving, he ended up signing a smaller contract (basically a one-year, $4 million rental) then I expected. At that price, I would have hoped the Packers to get back into the bidding. Before that, I was afraid he'd might have ask for a Richard Seymour type contract, but only the Raiders spend money that poorly.

The Eagles were very aggressive in free agency. When GM Howie Roseman was asked about their free agents so far, one guy came to mind. From Pro Football Talk:

"I think the guy that has done a great job for us is Cullen Jenkins," Roseman said. "The versatility he brings and the type of pass rush he can provide is something we were really looking forward to getting."