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Who Will Be The Next Wide Receiver To Suffer A Knee Bruise?

The Green Bay Packers have been bruising some knees, and it's contagious among the wide receivers. First it was Randall Cobb, then Greg Jennings this week in practice, and now Jordy Nelson. It's time to put some pads on those knees! From the Press-Gazette:

One other post-game note that may have slipped through the cracks: No injuries were announced in the press box during the game but afterward McCarthy said receiver Jordy Nelson sustained a knee bruise and tight end Jermichael Finley sprained an ankle shortly before halftime. Neither was going to play in the second half, and both stayed in the locker room for treatment.

I'm really not sure why the injuries keep striking their knees, but it's really got to stop. I don't like seeing Finley's name on an injury report, but I hope it was just a sign he was tired after an exhausting, no-huddle first half. He was looking a little winded in the second quarter.