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On The No-Huddle, Blitzing, Pass Protection, LBs, and 3rd Down

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Here's a look around the web for what others are writing about after the Green Bay Packers preseason game against the Colts.

For Packers, an up-and-down night in Indy - JSOnline. The initial focus of Tyler Dunne's article is a discussion about the no-huddle offense. I'm not expecting them to run it as much during the regular season, but it does give QB Aaron Rodgers a chance to examine the defense for several seconds before the snap, and he's changing the play on occasion.

Preseason: Packers' pass pro on display - NFC North Blog - ESPN. Among many parts of his recap, Kevin Seifert discusses the extensive blitzing by the defense. One of the commentators mentioned that Dom Capers was going to play his defense based on the quarterback. When QB Curtis Painter looked shaky early, he decided to go all out blitz against him for most of the first half. In a regular season game, I don't expect he'd use that same strategy. He likes to mix up his defense, and he wouldn't blitz so much. Not when LB Clay Matthews was generating plenty of pressure without having to blitz anyone else.

Green Bay Packers news | Green Bay Packers' pass protection: 'We definitely need to shore it up' | Green Bay Press Gazette. Yep. Even RG Josh Sitton gave up a sack, but I'd rather he do it in the preseason than regular season. LT Chad Clifton has been a slow starter the past couple seasons, so I'm not worried that he'll have it all put together later. Unfortunately he might have some shaky moments early in the regular season too.

Green Bay Packers news | Green Bay Packers rookie linebackers show playmaking ability | Green Bay Press Gazette. I was surprised with the improvement by some of the undrafted players, LB Vic So'oto and LB Jamari Lattimore, and I'm glad they give the team some extra options.

"Chips Report" From Packers Preseason Win vs. Colts | Cheesehead TV. It's not a surprise to see two cow chips for Clifton and S Morgan Burnett. But it's only one bad game, and they are both capable of bouncing back from it.

Packer Report Card: Preseason Game 3 | Cheesehead TV. I think his grades are too high for the pass defense and special teams. A second quarter like that earned the pass defense a lower grade. Game winning field goal or not, the special teams deserves a lower grade due to the earlier missed field goal.

Packers 24 Colts 21 - First Impressions of 2011 Preseason Game 3 | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. He's a little higher on rookie LB D.J. Smith than I am, but otherwise I agree with everything else.

08/27/11 Starks seeks improvement. Is James Starks really becoming the third down back? Mike McCarthy doesn't seem to mind throwing any role at him and seeing if he can handle it. While I don't think it will necessarily be Starks as the third down back, it seems like the Packers are still trying to figure out who would do the best job.