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Starters On the Scout Team, Aaron Rodgers Not At Practice

It's an interesting practice so far with many of the Green Bay Packers starters on the scout team because they'll give way to the backups in the final preseason game. Many players who didn't practice on Sunday have returned today.

One notable absentee is QB Aaron Rodgers, who isn't practicing today, but it might not be a big deal.

It's possible the Packers aren't going to play Rodgers vs KC and that's why he's not practing today.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

It is just practice after all.

I'd say it's a nice opportunity for QB Matt Flynn to start on Thursday, but he's not likely to have more than a series with the rest of the starters. It should be a better opportunity for QB Graham Harrell to have more game experience.