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Looking At The Possible Green Bay Packers Roster Cuts This Week

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The Green Bay Packers have to trim the roster from 83 players down to 80 by August 30th. Here's an article on the new roster rules from SB Nation. That's in addition to the three players released on Sunday. Who's next to go?

I'm not considering any of the remaining wide receivers, tight ends, or offensive lineman because those were the three positions thinned out on Sunday. With every starter basically out for the game, they'll still need to keep some depth at each position to field a couple different units. Off the top of my head, and with no inside sources to rely on, here's three players that I think could be released before the final preseason game. 

LB K.C. Asiodu. He's missed the last preseason game and has been held out of practice due to a chest injury. He's an injury settlement candidate if he can't play this week, and they can't evaluate him.

S Anthony Levine. He's been struggling with a concussion suffered during a violent collision with CB Pat Lee in practice some weeks ago. He did a great job on the practice squad as a scout team player last season, and even if he was released now (because he can't play on Thursday) I could see him returning to the practice squad later this season.

DE Eli Joseph. He may be the most unimpressive defensive lineman in camp, and with DE C.J. Wilson returning from a concussion, they may not need so many defensive lineman on Thursday night.

Another option might be to place a couple players on I.R. They usually keep around a player or two who they may want to take another look at next year. They may want to keep DE Lawrence Guy and OL Chris Campbell, who don't appear ready to play on Thursday night due to their respective injuries, and they'd be good candidates for the I.R.

Who do you think might be gone before their next preseason game?