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The Packers Signed Somebody From Another Team

I expected that if the Green Bay Packers signed a free agent from another team after the lockout, it would be some obscure player I had never heard of before. Meet obscure LB K.C. Asiodu. From SB

Asiodu is expected to provide the Packers exactly what he provided his former employers, which is to say, not too much. After two seasons, Asiodu has just nine total tackles between special teams and mop-up duty. If he does happen to make the active roster in Green Bay, it'll be as a gunner/insurance policy in case of extreme emergency.

They're probably looking for some depth at inside linebacker as they run drills during training camp. I don't believe that LB Diyral Briggs has passed his physical due to an injured hamstring, so they may need another inside linebacker to fill out the second team defense.

On the other hand, you never know what they'll find. The Packers made a low key signing in December 2009 in TE Tom Crabtree from the Chiefs, and he turned into a useful blocker and special teams performer.