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Washington Post: Michael Vick's New Contract With The Eagles

I think my NFL track record at spotting a future bust is pretty good, but I completely missed the mark on QB Michael Vick's future with the Eagles. When they signed him, I thought they had made a mistake because he was never very good with the Falcons anyway, and there would be too much bad publicity from signing a convicted felon who was involved in a cruel crime.

Instead he's playing his best football, and was rewarded with the second $100+ million contract (depending on how you add it up) of his career. From my latest post at The League:

His greatest skill as a quarterback is his ability to run, something that should decline with age and would not be helped after years in prison. By the time of his release, he hadn’t played football in years and no one knew how such an absence would affect him. I never expected he’d even be as good as he was before he went to prison.

Instead he’s been even better.