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The Roster Is Down To 80: Packers Release Asiodu and Battles

The Green Bay Packers didn't make any waves by releasing a known player to get the roster down to 80 by Tuesday's deadline. Instead they reported at that LB K.C. Asiodu and OL Adrian Battles were released. Both players have something in common: injuries.

Asiodu was an actual veteran free agent signing (unlike their mostly undrafted rookie signings) who appeared to have a future as a special teams player before he suffered a chest injury. Of the three guesses I made on Monday, he was the only one I got right.

Battles was in the same situation due to an Achilles injury. The Packers can't evaluate them if they can't play. That's a tough break for these guys, but the reality of the situation. 

While someone like DE Mike Neal is always battling an injury too, he's protected by his status as a 2010 2nd round draft choice. It's not a luxury either Asiodu or Battles had.