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Cheesestradamus Week -1: Chiefs @ Packers

Well, APC community, we have come to the final week of the preseason. This is your last chance to try to knock robert st off his perch at the top of the preseason standings and claim the title of "Meaningless Preseason Champion", which incidentally comes with exactly $0 of prize money. This will also be the last chance to suggest any changes to the contest, as we'll be locking down the rules for the Week 1 opener against the Saints.

See last week's post for the current rules, since nothing has changed in the interim.

Click here to submit your predictions for Week -1

Click here to see all submissions for Week -1

Again, if you have any last-minute suggestions for rule changes, other statistics you'd like to see, and so on, please leave them in the comments or email me. If not, enjoy the preseason finale Thursday night, and let's get ready for some real football!