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Mark Tauscher Didn't Pass His Physical

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During the offseason, I speculated that the Green Bay Packers could ask RT Mark Tauscher to take a pay cut, and he could remain as a backup. It would be a luxury, they really don't need another right tackle with Bryan Bulaga clearly the starter and T.J. Lang available for depth, but Tauscher is such a great clubhouse guy that he took part in meetings and traveled with the team even after his season ending injury. He sounds like a great guy to keep around.

However the reality is that he can't play a backup role because he's not ready to play. From JS

"I failed my physical and before I make that decision I 've got to get healthy and then I’ll make that decision," Tauscher said in a phone interview Thursday morning. "As of right now, I’ll try to rehab and deal with passing the physical.

He hasn't shut the door on a return to the Packers, although GM Ted Thompson might have shut it for him, but I still can't imagine him wanting to play for another team. He did make a surprising return in 2009, but the Packers offensive line looks a lot different then it did two years ago.