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2011 NFL Free Agents - Who Are The Best Remaining?

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The Green Bay Packers aren't going after any free agent who isn't an obscure special teams player, but John Clayton tweeted with some of the big names remaining:

Kevin Boss, Malcom Floyd, Matt Roth, Kelvin Hayden and Lofa Tatupu are among the main names to follow today in free agency

Boss is off the market, after getting $4 million per year from the Raiders. Al Davis must have given his staff instructions to ridiculously overpay for every free agent signed. Boss is a nice player, but four-years, $16 million is too much.

I'm surprised Malcom Floyd is still available. He's not a No. 1 WR, but he had 19.4 yards per catch last season and he's a "dangerous deep threat." I expected he'd get a multi-year deal from someone, but his best hope is probably a one-year deal for at least the $3.75 million James Jones will be paid in 2011.

I don't understand why there isn't more interest in DE/LB Matt Roth, who can bring a lot of help to any team.

Hayden and Tatupu are both good players who have been injured too much. Hayden's been dealing with a neck injury, and Tatupu has had multiple knee surgeries. They'd both draw a lot of interest if their injury risk was lower.

UPDATE: Floyd did re-sign with the Chargers for two years. That should be a good fit for him and the team.