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On The New Contracts For James Jones and John Kuhn

While the Green Bay Packers agreed to pay James Jones and John Kuhn more money than I expected they would (I thought they'd both be offered between $1.5 to $2 million per season) it doesn't mean that either player is overpaid. And with the Packers reportedly under the salary cap, and Aaron Rodgers pushing the team to re-sign Jones, I'm not surprised they made a push to get their deals done.

The breakdown for Jones, from the Press-Gazette:

Receiver James Jones’ new three-year contract with the Packers is worth $9.4 million and includes $3.75 million in first-year pay, according to a source with access to NFL players contracts.

Kuhn's annual salary is less, but he turned down more money to re-sign with the Packers. From

The team made an offer to Green Bay Packers FB John Kuhn, according to someone informed of the progress of negotiations between the Giants and Kuhn. The person, who requested anonymity because the talks were to remain confidential, said the Giants’ offer was higher than the three-year, $7.5-million deal the Green Bay fan favorite eventually signed to remain with the Packers.

What is the final word on these two contracts? Are they too rich, or we're these good moves?