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Who Will Win The Starting Job? Burnett or Peprah

For the past few months, I've been expecting that the starting strong safety job for the Green Bay Packers belongs to S Charlie Peprah. While he'd never been considered as a starter until injuries struck last October, he'd played well all season long and they won a Super Bowl with him at safety. Then they went and re-signed him just before the start of the lockout.

His main competition is the formerly injured player he replaced last October: S Morgan Burnett. I have to admit it was very impressive that he won the starting job outright as a rookie, but the solid play from Peprah combined with his slow return from his torn ACL (I expect the Packers to take it easy with him at first) would give an edge to Peprah.

So I was surprised that Ty Dunne mentioned that, in regard to Burnett, "they want him there." It would seem their preference is for Burnett to win the starting job. While that surprised me, it doesn't surprise me that Burnett would be regarded as the safety of the future.

Who do you expect to win this training camp battle?