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Who Will Win The Starting Job? Sherrod or Lang

This battle is a little bit of a mystery to me because the Green Bay Packers are likely letting two players who have never started at left guard in the NFL, rookie 1st round pick Derek Sherrod and third year OL T.J. Lang, battle for the starting job.

Sherrod had never even discussed playing guard before training camp began, and he's never played the position before. The rookie was expected to have a steep learning curve anyway, and a switch to a new position adds more to it. I don't see any reason why he wouldn't succeed, but I haven't seen him play in a live game either. He's been mostly playing with the 1st team offense in practice.

Lang has actually played left guard for the Packers, but has spent nearly all his time as a pro at either tackle position. He's been playing mostly with the 2nd unit at left guard.

Who do you think is going to win this training camp battle?