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Where Do You Expect Charles Woodson To Line Up?

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I missed this post on Green Bay Packers CB Charles Woodson from over the weekend, which primarily is a comparison between Woodson and CB Nnamdi Asomugha, but I was interested in the percentage of snaps Woodson played at various positions. I don't track plays myself to swear that they're right, but it looks about right to me.

From Pro Football Focus: Woodson barely played any at right cornerback, 327 snaps on the left side, 540 in the slot, and 97 at safety. 

I can't think of another top cornerback who plays so much in the middle of the field. Most cornerbacks are like Asomugha and used to take away one side of the field. He didn't play as much last season against the opponents' top receiver because the Packers showed more faith in Tramon Williams and Sam Shields as the season went on.

He made more big plays in 2009, and of course won NFL Defensive Player of the Year for his efforts, but the defense gives him the ability to adjust, and hopefully continue to play at a high level for the next couple seasons.