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Who's The Top Fantasy Player By Position?

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I was looking at the Top 100 player rankings at Yahoo! for something to use to evaluate the players. Of the top two players at each position, which player would you rather have at the top of your fantasy football draft?

Aaron Rodgers or Michael Vick. We're probably all major Green Bay Packer fans here, but keep that out of the equation for a moment. My big question mark is whether Vick can run for 9 TDs again without suffering a major injury.

Arian Foster or Adrian Peterson. I know that Foster was a fantasy beast last season, but I wish he had more than one season under his belt. Will the new Vikings offense keep Peterson off to a slow start? It might be hard to go wrong if you have one of the top two picks. I think LeSean McCoy is my choice for running back that I hope falls to me in the 2nd round.

Andre Johnson vs. Larry Fitzgerald. Johnson missed a couple games due to injury, so his health is the key because his stats were as good as ever. Fitzgerald was a solid fantasy option in 2010 while having the worst group of quarterbacks ever assembled throwing to him. I'm not a huge Kevin Kolb fan, but even if he's an average performer then he's a major upgrade. Which could lead to a big boost for Fitzgerald.

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