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Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 1

Why did I choose this picture? Because I can. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Why did I choose this picture? Because I can. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well folks, Week 1 is in the books, and our Packers have moved to 1-0. In doing so, they earned a ton of points for the APC community in the opening week of the Cheesestradamus contest. Arodgb and kuhl started the season off strong, each hitting four picks for a total of 12 points, while jolly rancher sits alone in third place with 10. All told, nearly 1/3 of APC users got at least 6 points on the week, a very impressive showing all around.

Here are your standings after Week 1, and a breakdown of the correct answers is after the jump:

Packers' score: 42 (the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything)
Correct: Indianapolis Jones, arodgb (two points awarded to amilimuzz for guessing a score of 41)

Saints' score: 34
Correct: None (brazenabyss got one point for guessing a score of 32

First Packers touchdown: Greg Jennings
Correct: 27 people

Most receptions: Greg Jennings (7)
Correct: 35 people

Rodgers' passing yards: 312
Within 5 yards: 16 people

Most tackles by LB: Desmond Bishop (8 solo, 4 assist = 12 total)
Correct: 60 people

Turnovers forced by Packers' defense: one
Correct: 23 people

Hit (and qualifying) bonus predictions:
BlackPack-fan nailed a Randall Cobb 100+ yard kickoff return
Any special teams TD was the winning prediction for brazenabyss, arodgb, Dancing Raji, and HankO
DotDusty and CHADDY BOY correctly guessed that the Packers would record exactly 3 sacks, while The Big Cheesy felt the need to combine both 3 sacks plus a special teams TD.
James Starks had more rushing yards than Ryan Grant, earning points for tcorzine and Mitchell Maurer (though now that there's some data on how the RBs will be used, that won't qualify any more).
Likewise, Starks' TD put A-Rod In Your Pants on the board.
-JP- hit by saying that Rodgers would complete better than 70% of his passes (actual: 77%)
Packer Logician finally hit by saying that the first score of the game would take place with 0 or 1 in the tens of seconds digit on the clock.
Nick Giordano was right in saying that Rodgers would throw a TD pass less than 8 minutes into the game.
Finally, Lucas Lima #52 hit by saying that all five Packers' WRs would record a catch.

There were a few other correct bonuses, but in looking up the stats, they didn't qualify. Those are highlighted in red on the predictions list.

It was an excellent week for the APC community's prediction skills. Now you know who's got the targets on their backs, so get ready to make some new predictions later this week!