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The List Of Former Packers Playing In The UFL

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Here's the list of former Green Bay Packers who made the cut in the UFL. A lot of familiar names to me, but a couple of high draft picks led by former 1st round bust CB Ahmad Carroll, and 3rd round failure S Aaron Rouse. And one guy I really liked who never came anywhere close to expectations. From the Journal-Sentinel:

Quarterback Brian Brohm, the Packers' second-round pick in 2008, is listed as the backup behind Chase Clement for the Las Vegas Locomotives. Clement was MVP of the UFL Championship Game in 2010.

He can't even find a starting job in the UFL. Not that he deserves one.

I actually remembered all these guys. I don't actually remember them playing, but I remember their names on the roster. One guy I'm glad to see is still trying is T Orrin Thompson, who is the brother of former LB Jeremy Thompson. Jeremy had his career cut short by a neck injury after GM Ted Thompson traded up for him in the 2008 draft. Orrin was an undrafted player.