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James Starks Moves Ahead Of Ryan Grant

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Mike McCarthy didn't feature any running back last preseason for the Green Bay Packers. So coming into the regular season, I was going with the assumption that they were sticking primarily with RB Ryan Grant. He was their main back in 2008 and 2009, ever since his breakout season in 2007, and he didn't appear to have lost his role despite missing nearly the entire 2010 season due to injury. He's still listed at the top of the official depth chart, and I was expecting he'd have a majority of the carries.

Week 1 was the first opportunity to see the new arrangement in the backfield for an entire game, and it appears that RB James Starks has moved ahead of Grant. Grant had a good game with 9 carries and a 4.4 yard average, but it was Starks who was running harder between the tackles as he powered through for a 17 yard touchdown run. Both of them might have been in for a similar number of total plays, but I'd rather see Starks in the game if they're trying to run the ball.