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Washington Post: On The Steelers Big Loss

When I first read the headline that the Pittsburgh Steelers were beaten 35-7 by the Ravens, I thought it was a very bad sign for their team. But on further review, it doesn't necessarily mean anything for them this season. They are better than they played last Sunday, and I expect they'll remain one of the contenders in the AFC. From the Washington

A blowout loss isn’t a sign of disaster for a contending team. Sometimes it’s just a one-game fluke. In the Steelers case Sunday, they committed seven turnovers while the Ravens had none. Roethlisberger was picked off three times and fumbled twice, which left him about halfway toward matching his turnover total from all of last season.

But the game did leave them with a couple problems. It was a divisional loss to the now favored Ravens, and they'll have an uphill battle if they want to win the AFC North. Also, they lost starting RT Willie Colon for the season, and they decided to sign former Packers cast off RT Jamon Meredith to replace him. That's a downgrade to an offensive line that was a question mark coming into the season.