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Is Morgan Burnett An Emerging Star or An Emerging Fantasy Star?

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I considered the idea of starting a fantasy football league last year that required selecting individual defensive players instead of team defense, but the idea was nixed by me and the other managers due to our unfamiliarity with it. But the general concept works as you'd expect with players that accumulate a lot of tackles, and hopefully some sacks and INTs, and the valuable ones. 

Fake Teams pointed out that Green Bay Packers SS Morgan Burnett has quickly established himself as a valuable fantasy player after his first game. From Fake Teams:

 Burnett was yet another guy I was pretty high on and he's tied for the league lead with 14 tackles. He obviously won't be getting that many tackles against teams with more run-pass balance, but he's done more than enough to solidify his spot on all defensive plays.

He was in on a lot of plays last Thursday night, including the biggest stop of the night when he helped tackle RB Mark Ingram on the goal line.