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Packers Practice: Thursday's Injury Report on So'oto and Williams

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Rookie LB Vic So'oto not in pads for today's full-pads practice. No CB Tramon Williams either.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

It's a bummer that ever since Green Bay Packers rookie LB Vic So'oto had his big game against the Chiefs during the preseason, he's been off the field due to an injury he suffered in the weight room. I think his return would be welcome on special teams too after their kick coverage allowed a couple long returns by RB Darren Sproles.

Nothing to report on CB Tramon Williams. The key remains if he's able to practice on Friday. If he can't practice on Friday, then he's out. Right now, he's still got a chance to play on Sunday, but I'd much rather they play it safe. There's no need to come back too soon and aggravate his bruised shoulder.