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Another Look At The Packers Goal Line Stand Against The Saints

The above picture is from the Green Bay Packers goal line stand on the closing play against the Saints that ended the comeback attempt. What I recall was a lot of Saints going down, and a lot of Packer defenders converging on the ball carrier. 

Ben Muth knows a lot more about blocking and offensive lineman than I'll ever know and he took a closer look at this play. From Football Outsiders:

What killed the play was the guy lined up at right tight end: [backup OL Charles] Brown. The second-year offensive tackle stepped inside and then promptly fell on his face. Literally, that's all he did. I expect to see a picture of him planking during an NFL game on Twitter any day now. As a result of Brown's dive, both Matthews and Morgan Burnett knife inside and t-bone Mark Ingram as he left the ground.

The entire article is interesting if you're looking for some very in-depth analysis on how the Saints offensive line performed against the Packers.