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What Do The Panther Fans Think Of Cam Newton?

After a big first career NFL game, I'm sure Carolina Panthers fans have stars in their eyes when they think about rookie QB Cam Newton. But I asked Jaxon at Cat Scratch Reader about Newton anyway.


Q: Cam Newton had a great first game against the Cardinals, but tell me what's the most impressive thing about him so far?

A: The most impressive thing is the kid's poise under pressure. He didn’t look nervous at all. Now that might change against the Packers but I couldn’t help but be impressed watching him run the 2 minute offense and march the team down the field and create the opportunity to tie the game. He ran the hurry up offense prior to the 2 minute warning flawlessly, squeezing out an extra play (and nice gain) before the 2 minute warning when it seemed there wasn’t enough time. It was very refreshing for Panther fans to see and he's the main reason we felt so good after a loss.