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Donald Driver Moves Ahead Of James Lofton For Most Receiving Yards In Team History

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It was a quiet game for Green Bay Packers WR Donald Driver against the Panthers. He only had 1 reception for 10 yards, after a 4 for 41 yard game against the Saints, but that one catch was a memorable one. From

With the catch, Driver moved out of a tie with James Lofton for the most receiving yards in team history and now owns the record with 9,666 yards.

He hasn't been nearly as involved in the offense, so far, as I expected he would be. But right now, I'm looking more at his remarkable career. He's played alongside receivers who were just as good or better than him during their primes (Antonio Freeman, Javon Walker, Greg Jennings), but none of them has been so good for so long. Though the book is open on Jennings.

Driver has never been mentioned among the elite receivers in the NFL, and that's fair. He's often been the Packers No. 1 receiver, but he's always been a second-tier type of receiver. He's played on three Pro Bowl teams (his breakout 2002 season though he should have been given a chance to start at least a season earlier, and in 2006 and 2007). Last season ended a string of six straight 1000 yard receiving seasons. Any one of his seasons from 2004-2009 would have been excellent. To stay healthy, and play like that for six straight seasons, has made him the franchise's all-time best.

While he wasn't a big part of the offense last Sunday, he did recover the game clinching onside kick, so he's still a valuable player on the field, which is remarkable in itself for a 36 year old receiver.