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NFL Roster Cuts: Packers Cornerback Pat Lee

Roster cuts will be made, and practice squads will be created, this Saturday, so I expect the Green Bay Packers coaches and front office are taking one final look at Thursday's night game, and making their decisions today. I'm not going to talk about every player, but I saw this tweet from Kareem Copeland and wanted to mention CB Pat Lee.

Pat Lee upbeat in the locker room postgame. Confident that he put good things on tape - whether it's for the Packers or another team.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Lee was a 2nd round pick back in 2008, and he appeared to be the cornerback of the future. Instead he's battled injuries throughout his career, and he missed the entire 2009 season. Now he's behind CB Tramon Williams, CB Sam Shields, and even CB Jarrett Bush. If he's released, it means they've likely put him behind another cornerback or two as I'd expect someone like Josh Gordy, Davon House, or Brandian Ross remains in his place. 

The Packers gave him a big chance against the Chiefs and let him start with the first team defense, and played him most of the game. He put up some big stats, and he was in the right place at the right time with two fumble recoveries. He looked like a solid backup cornerback. 

But he didn't look much better than that. According to the latest Chiefs depth chart, and a look at the box score, the Chiefs top four WRs caught 22 of 29 passes for a completion percentage of 75%. That's not all on Lee, but he was in on a lot of those plays. Receivers can get open against him.

He played well enough this preseason to keep a backup job. The coaches have previously spoken well of his performance during the Super Bowl, after he replaced an injured Sam Shields, and they apparently trust him in the defense. This might be his last season with the Packers, he could find a better opportunity (and more money) elsewhere in free agency in 2012. But the Packers should be focused on the 2011 season, and they should have more confidence in Lee as an emergency replacement than any other backup on the roster.