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Packers Extend The Contract Of Josh Sitton

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On Wednesday, I asked which player the Green Bay Packers should sign to a contract extension before anyone else. In our poll, RG Josh Sitton edged out TE Jermichael Finley (with P Tim Masthay a distant third). It appears that GM Ted Thompson was listening to the APC community.

On Friday, the Packers announced a contract extension. Terms were not disclosed, but the Journal-Sentinel expects it will be similar to the seven-year deal signed by Saints G Jahiri Evans and the six-year deal signed by Patriots G Logan Mankins. Mankins received an average of $8.5 million per year with $30 million guaranteed, and I expect Sitton's deal will be about the same. Often the Packers sign players for the same amount per year as comparable players, but less in guaranteed money. 

Despite Finley's superstar potential, Sitton was their top priority. He's played great the last two seasons, and it would have been three in a row if a preseason injury hadn't derailed his bid for a starting job. He's not a one-year wonder, and he's well worth the money. Sitton is the anchor on the line for the next few seasons, and if he had left after this season, it would have the line in flux going forward. Keeping one of Aaron Rodgers best pass protectors should always be a priority.