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Dom Capers About Corrections On Defense

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The Journal Sentinel posted quotes from three of the Green Bay Packers coordinators about the game against the Panthers. Here's a partial quote by defensive coordinator Dom Capers from the Journal Sentinel:

The biggest thing is I want to see us eliminate those big plays and make people work a little bit harder and work the ball down the field. I know we’re very capable of doing that. It’s a lot easier to make those corrections when you’re rising to the occasion and doing things to keep people out of the end zone like we have been doing.

I don't think Dom Capers minds giving up yards, but I expected him to be upset that they've been giving up big plays. If the defense forces their opponent to go several plays to move all the way down the field, then it gives their defense more chances to force them into a turnover or another mistake. 

Capers calls it "rising to the occasion" but I think of it as winning the one-on-one matchups. The interceptions by Charles Woodson. The tackle on 4th and 4 by Clay Matthews of Cam Newton at the Packers 6 yard line. The great players are making plays. It's just a matter of correcting what the defense is doing as a unit.